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Does your current broker have an actual strategy that they can show you??  If not, you ARE paying too much for your Employee Benefits, specifically Health Insurance.  Brauer Insurance has a proven strategy that not only saves you money, but will get you BETTER benefits.  At the risk of sounding like a typical car salesmen (which I hate!), I will guarantee it…like George Zimmer from the Men’s Wearhouse TV ads.

Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost you a fortune…..they really don’t!  Our strategy involves using a variety of products to come up with a BETTER WAY TO INSURE YOUR EMPLOYEES.  I can give you a slew of testimonials to prove it.  Here is our YELP site… what some of our clients have to say about us:

If I were you, I would be very skeptical too.  I can show you how we do it in about 30 minutes or so.  If it’s not a “fit”….that’s OK, I’ll be on my way and never bother you again.  Believe me, I’ve got almost more business than I can handle.  We have myself and my two daughters as brokers in the office, and two other producers along with support staff.  I don’t need to pester or hound people for business, I’ve got plenty of referrals from satisfied employers that recommend me to other businesses.

Brauer Insurance are SPECIALISTS at Employee Benefits….it’s all we do.  We surround ourselves with other specialists that are experts in 401Ks, FSAs, Workers Comp, etc.  I discovered a long time ago….you can’t be an expert at everything, so why not pick ONE THING and get really good at that!  I’d rather be an expert at one thing, than just “good” at a bunch of things.

Health Insurance is a niche industry…’s VERY dysfunctional and a “necessary evil”, more or less.  If you have an agent or broker that is NOT specializing in Health, you may be in for a surprise when it comes to Obamacare compliance, COBRA compliance or even the SBCs that have become a compliance issue since September 2012.

Brauer Insurance is one of the Bay Area leaders in Employee Benefits for small and medium sized companies.  With our free Employee Assistance Program, Yearly Total Compensation Statement and tons of other free services, we lead the pack when it comes to service and helping companies stay compliant.

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