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We are Brauer Insurance Services.  We work to bring the best quality service when it comes to servicing your small business with their health and medical benefits.  We help our clients daily with medical, dental, and vision questions.  If you are a small business owner and want to get more information about our services, please let us know!  We love working with employers who offer benefits to their employees, or employers who are looking to start offering benefits.

Some may say, “why use a broker?” and I would like to share an experience I had earlier with one single carrier here in Redwood City, CA.

We have a smaller twelve person business who needs to change their dental plan from Blue Shield of California, to United Healthcare.  I have been tasked with completing the assignment (which I love doing) and was getting all of my ducks in a row.  I started the morning at 9am and had my first call into Blue Shield at 9:10.  Here’s how my day went from there:

9:10am – Talk to Blue Shield after being on the hold for 5 minutes.
9:15am – Start the conversation and ask specifically for a copy of the renewal from June of 2012.
9:20am – Get off the phone and wait patiently for the email while doing other things around the office.
9:30 – Get the email from Blue Shield only to open it and see that it’s not what I asked for.  Only page 1 is available and I need all of the pages.
9:45 – Finally get a hold of Blue Shield again and ask for a June 2012 bill instead of a renewal.
10:15 – Receive the bill, only to find that it’s the first page only.  Do they only send 1st pages for these?!
10:30am – Call again and get someone to send me another bill with ALL of the pages.
10:35am – Finally get all of the information I need.

The above conversation is why you need a broker.  The HR person at your office (if you have a designated one) is busy doing other things and doesn’t need to bother with this kind of stuff!  I have to admit that it’s annoying, but it’s part of my job.

Small businesses need to focus on what they are best at: their products and their employees.  Let us worry about the behind the scenes—quoting, dealing with bills, & dealing with the carriers.  We get our job done and make you look good as the business owner!

No more calling and waiting for 30-40 minutes on hold—call us today and get your HR person an assistant—FOR FREE!

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