To get the most out of your Employee Benefits, progressive companies have been wildly successful with a unique strategy that we help them with. The strategy involves using various products and procedures to not only slow the rising cost of Bay Area Employee Benefits, but in most cases, actually bend the cost curve downward. It gives company executives much more control in the cost and administration of those Bay Area Employee Benefits. The one thing I hear over and over is that our clients BECAME our clients because we were able to show them a better way to administer your Bay Area Employee Benefits. Because we “specialize” in Employee Benefits and Health Insurance, we have immersed ourselves in ALL aspects of the industry. We are the ObamaCare experts….I just taped a TV segment for KPIX Channel 5 for an upcoming ObamaCare piece they are doing.

Because Brauer Insurance are experts in Health Insurance and Bay Area Employee Benefits, we are on the cutting edge of how best to help companies not only save money, but obtain better benefits for their employees. Skeptical?? I would be too. In fact, most of our current clients told us they were prepared to throw us right out of their office if we could not deliver what we claimed. Hey, I don’t blame them. The last thing a CFO or Controller needs is some guy claiming to do all these great things and then not being able to deliver.

I’ve said it a hundred times….Bay Area Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost you a fortune, and I can prove it. Let my daughters and I help your company provide better benefits at a better price. Bay Area Employee Benefits are expensive…VERY expensive. So if Health Insurance is the second most costly line item for a company, why don’t more companies approach it with more of a “financial planning” attitude? What’s even more sad is that many of the executives that I speak to are unaware of what plan they have, what it costs, and most don’t have any type of strategy that they can point to.

When I first speak to a CEO or business owner, I always assume that the Health Insurance broker is doing their job and that there is an actual strategy in place. About 10 minutes into the conversation, it becomes apparent that the word “strategy”, as it relates to Bay Area Employee Benefits, is a somewhat foreign concept. As the executive and I continue our conversation, they realize that MAYBE their Health Insurance person, that they’ve had for many years, is NOT doing them any favors. They realize that the Brauer Insurance strategy MAY be a fit for them….or at least its worth a look.

We’ve built our business on not only providing cutting edge free HR services such as Legal advice from HR attorneys, an EAP program for their employees, or COBRA administration, but also helping them strategize their Bay Area Employee Benefits

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