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Employee Benefits in Redwood City or anywhere in the Bay Area can actually be affordable if you have a strategy.  Employee Benefits are traditionally very expensive, because the cost of Health Care is expensive.  There ARE ways to mitigate much of that cost with either a Tax Strategy plan or maybe one of the products that help you “insure” your deductible.  If you have, say, an expensive Blue Cross plan for your employees and its making you crazy each year when they have their 15-20% increases, maybe it’s time to talk to a broker that has a actual plan……a “financial plan” for your Employee Benefits.

I just met with a company that wanted to speak to me about their Employee Benefits in Redwood City.  They had read some of my articles, but a business friend of theirs recommended they call me.  When I arrived, the CFO was naturally skeptical.  The first words out of my mouth were: “if I were YOU, I would be very skeptical”.  He wasn’t ready for that.  I then told her that she probably already had a broker, most companies do.  She agreed, and even told me that they had worked with the same person for years.  When I asked her if the current broker’s strategy was working for her and the company, there was a long and uncomfortable pause.  I already figured they did not have a strategy….otherwise, why would they be speaking to me??

The appointment was scheduled for 45 minutes.  2 hours later we left her office and she introduced me to the CEO.  She was almost giddy when the 3 of us spoke about what Brauer Insurance does and how we can help companies with their Employee Benefits.  After much work, we were able to structure a “strategy” that not only saved this company almost $30,000 a MONTH, but more importantly, solved the problem they had with not being able to control the yearly COSTS of Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.  Oh yeah…..we also were able to structure BETTER Employee Benefits for their employees.  Were they skeptical?  Yes, and they should have been.  Convinced now?….Absolutely!

Brauer Insurance is a NO FEE, Independent, Family owned and operated Employee Benefits agency that helps companies strategize their Employee Benefits.

Some companies OFFER Health Insurance……we SPECIALIZE in it!!

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