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If you THINK you’re paying too much for your San Jose Employee Benefits, you probably ARE!  If you are not utilizing one of the latest tax free strategies or different ways to “insure your deductible”, you are definitely paying way too much.  With all the ways to mitigate the high cost of Bay Area Employee Benefits, there is simply no reason to not be able to bend that cost curve.  We have actually built much of our business teaching and helping companies to realize that the old days of moving to cheaper benefits or raising the deductible is usually NOT the best way to cut costs or even try to stay flat.  What ends up happening is that either you have a plan the company can’t afford, or the company has a plan they can afford and the employees hate it.

At Brauer Insurance we help companies SIGNIFICANTLY lower their Bay Area Employee Benefits and Employee Benefits in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland or anywhere in California.  We have helped groups as far as San Diego and as north as Truckee.  Our unique strategy works anywhere in the state to lower costs of Employee Benefits, and I don’t mean by a few dollars…..we’re talking about a minimum of 30-40%, sometimes more!  When I come into a company, I usually tell the CEO or CFO/Controller, that if I can’t make a monumental difference in your Employee Benefits or Bay Area Benefits, our conversation will be over and I will not bother you again!

Bay Area Benefits and Employee Benefits in San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Franciscso are very expensive….but they’re expensive because HEALTH CARE is expensive.  That’s been the problem with the entire “Affordable Care Act”.  I’m still waiting for someone to show me something that is “affordable”.  It’s not there.  But there ARE creative and unique ways to control the crazy increases of Employee Benefits in California.  There ARE ways to do that….I promise you.

Employee Benefits in San Jose and Bay Area Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost you a fortune!!  And I can prove it!

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