How to reduce your health insurance and Employee Benefits costs, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, CA

It is actually not that hard to reduce your Employee Benefit costs or Health Insurance costs for your business.  There is an actual “strategy” for lowering your costs AND increasing your Employee Benefits for your company.  The strategy can be a tax advantage type plan or even a plan that includes ways to “insure your deductible”….YES you can insure much of your deductible with the right products.  At Brauer Insurance we specialize in Employee Benefit strategies for small and medium sized companies.  There are lots of companies that offer Health Insurance….we SPECIALIZE in it!

To reduce your Health Insurance and Employee Benefit costs you need to have an Independent Health Insurance broker that knows how to strategize benefit packages.  There are a few of us out there.  Agents that try to “do it all” and do not specialize in one area sometimes miss the boat.  When you ask THEM about a strategy they look at you a little befuddled.  Brauer Insurance ONLY does Health Insurance for families and businesses.  Anything else, we refer out to our partners that specialize in just that area.  I realized  a long time ago, that you can’t be an expert at everything…..there is simply too much information to absorb.

You will see me on Channel 5 KPIX on an upcoming series on ObamaCare and how it affects families and specifically nursing mothers.  They came to us for our opinion for a reason….we are the ObamaCare experts.  Our employer groups are all Health Reform compliant, we make sure of that.

I’ve spoken to many CEOs, CFOs, and Controllers that are frustrated with the constant rise in Health Insurance and Employee Benefit premiums.  When I ask them about the strategy that their broker has recommended to reduce their Health Insurance costs, they usually look at me with a blank stare.  I either get a long uncomfortable pause, or they look to their HR people for an answer.  When the HR people look a little sheepish, the conversation turns quickly to them asking how I can help them.  I’ve pretty much built more than half of our business on acquiring companies from either lazy brokers or brokers that simply are not current with money saving ways to reduce Health Insurance and Employee Benefit costs in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland.

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