There are a couple of techniques for slowing or reversing the constant premium increases with Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for companies. There are tax strategy plans that allow companies to switch to plans with a higher deductible and then obtain products to “insure” the deductible. Other ways would be to use some alternative funding options that allow both the employER and the employEE to win…sometimes in a very big way.

At Brauer Insurance we are experts at strategizing Employee Benefit plans, specifically Health Insurance, so that companies can have much more control of their expenses. I’ll give you an example…..Last year, I was introduced to a company of about 100 employees. The company had a very expensive Anthem Blue Cross plan which all the employees loved. The plan was great!, except for the price. They were spending almost $80,000 a month to have that great plan. After working with them and using one of our strategies, they brought their monthly cost down to just under $50,000. AND, their employees were very happy. I’m not going to go into details because my competition is constantly reviewing my blogs. Suffice to say it was a huge win for the company AND their people. I can give you many testimonials just like this from companies that have been wildly successful working with us.

Slowing the cost of the ridiculous price increases year after year is not easy. We have perfected this because it is ALL WE DO. We don’t do Life Insurance, Auto, Home, etc…we are “specialists” in Health Insurance. Believe me, it took the last 10 years of JUST doing Health Insurance to become an expert. There is NO WAY any agent can profess to be an expert at this if they are doing other lines of insurance. There simply is not enough hours in the day to stay current with all of the changes, especially with ObamaCare and all of their requirements and challenges.

Brauer Insurance has proven that you CAN slow or reverse the cost of Health Insurance for companies…it just takes a little work and a strategy that is unique.

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