Many business owners have approached me or called me asking how we can “bend the cost curve” or slow the cost of the constant Health Insurance premium increases.  When I tell them the answer lies with a fairly simple strategy that they could have been implementing the whole time, they are skeptical, to say the least.  When I meet with them and walk them through our unique strategy, to say they are amazed, is an understatement. After we drill down into the details of how we make it all happen, they usually ask me something like, “how come my current broker has not shown us this?” My answer is usually “I don’t know, that’s probably a good question!”

We are in the business, or should be, of finding ways to help companies small and large, find ways to slow the cost of Health Insurance and Employee Benefits. Hey, we make a great living at what we do, and traditionally we have done an outstanding job when “issues” come up with a client. But how about something as simple as the WAY the Health Insurance or Employee Benefits are administered. We as brokers should be finding creative ways to “bend the cost curve” as they say. Employee Benefits are expensive….REAL expensive. It’s our job to be a partner with our companies, share the pain with them and help them.

At Brauer Insurance Services, I started the company about 10 years ago with a vision about doing more than just helping companies enroll into their Employee Benefits, and shopping for plans. I knew there had to be a way to give more back. So in addition to strategizing Employee Benefit plans, we offer some pretty cool services that most other brokers do not. Services like COBRA administration, EAP services for employees, HR Workplace Compliance Center, Yearly Compensation Statements for employees, and more.

I actually got into this business because during my Law Enforcement career, I was paying almost $1500 a month for Kaiser Health Insurance, and that was back in the late 90’s. I knew that there had to be a better way to get insurance for the family and not spend a fortune. I was right.

My daughters and I will help you to slow and even reverse, in some cases, the cost of Employee Benefits. I promise you. I can show you how countless companies that we insure have been wildly successful with our strategy.

Steve Brauer-Principal/Broker, Brauer Insurance Services….(408) 421-5555