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Health Insurance for a business does NOT have to cost the company a fortune every month…..seriously, it doesn’t, and we can prove it!!  No tricks or gimmicks, just a sound financial plan, of sorts, for your Small Group Health Insurance or Employee Benefits for businesses.  The plan includes helping to “insure” your deductible and/or tax strategy plans coupled with Health Plans from the major insurers like Kaiser, Blue Cross, Aetna, HealthNet, Blue Shield, Cigna and more.  Employee Benefits for Small Business is usually the second most costly item for the business, right under wages.  Why NOT have a strategy or plan to help mitigate those costs.  We typically not only save companies tons of money, BUT at the same time, usually increase their benefits, not cut them.

If you have a broker that you only see at renewal, and when they see you all they want to do is commiserate with you about how the prices have increased…..maybe it’s time to rethink your relationship with that broker.  If they don’t have a strategy, ask them why not!  If they look at you with a befuddled look….call us!  Folks, any agent can show you plans, or help enroll your employees…that takes no skill at all.  If that’s all we do, you might as well just sign up online!!  Having an actual strategy that you can see on paper gives you control to help “bend” the cost curve of Small Group Health Insurance.  How many increases have you had over the past 5 years…..A LOT!

We as Independent Brokers had better have a better plan than to just move you to a cheaper plan to save money each year.  My biggest compliment comes when a broker that has been in the industry for 30+ years comes to me and asks me to show him “how we do it”.  I always share with them….it’s really not brain surgery, just some common sense strategic planning.  If I can’t save you at least 30-40% with BETTER benefits, I’ll go away and never call you again.

I’m a retired Detective Sergeant with a local Bay Area agency.  My family and I started our Employee Benefits agency in 2003 and we ONLY do Health Insurance for businesses and families.  We wanted to be experts in ONE area of insurance.  There are a lot of  “General Practitioners” around that try and do a bunch of different types of insurance….we are experts in one area only!!

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