There are actually some relatively simple answers when it comes to reducing Employee Benefit costs for companies.  Its much easier than you may think!  At Brauer Insurance Services we specialize in “strategizing” Employee Benefit packages for small and medium sized companies.  We have developed an out of the box, progressive process to absolutely reduce costs…AND not reducing benefits.  We compare it to having a financial plan for the administration of your Employee Benefits.  Our companies that we insure have been wildly successful with our strategy in reducing Employee Benefit costs for their companies.  Honestly…’s not rocket science.  However, there IS a strategy to it, and if your broker does not specialize in Employee Benefits, you are probably paying way too much!!

When we started our agency, I was selling all kinds of insurance.  What I discovered was that I was never going to be an expert an anything, trying to “do it all”.  In 2006 my daughters and I decided to “specialize” in Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.  It was the best decision we ever made!  We are an Independent, Family Owned and operated Employee Benefits agency, specializing in reducing Employee Benefits costs for companies.


The strategy of how to reduce Employee Benefit costs revolves around looking at the Health Insurance and total benefit package in a much different way……a much more “financial planning” approach.  If I were you, I’d be skeptical too.  Most of the companies we insure start out that way.  They hired us BECAUSE we have a solution to the typical broker that suggests you go to a cheaper plan, or have your employees pick up more of the cost.  It is much more indepth than that.

Reducing Employee Benefit costs is NOT that hard to do……seriously.  We offer total solutions for the companies that we insure.  You probably already know that the actual cost of plans, etc, are set by the State of CA, and our services are all free.  You don’t pay us a commission, it is paid by the insurance company.  You just have to decide which broker will do the best job for you and help you reduce Employee Benefit costs for your company.


Some agencies offer Health Insurance we SPECIALIZE in it!

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