Why is Small Business Health Insurance so expensive, Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Jose, San Francisco, CA

Small Business Health Insurance is expensive because HEALTH CARE is expensive. Big shock right….it’s crazy expensive on many plans. But, it does NOT have to cost your company a fortune, it really doesn’t! Many of our employer clients have been wildly successful with a strategy that we’ve developed over the years, and I guarantee, your current broker has not shared this with you. Either they don’t understand it, or does not want to shrink their commission from a lesser cost plan design. Either way, you’re the loser.

The first comments out of my mouth with a new company that I speak to is that if I cannot save you at least 20-30% AND help you get BETTER Employee Benefits for your employees….I will leave and never bother you again. Hey, if I were them, I’d be skeptical, VERY skeptical. As a former Detective Sergeant for a Bay Area Police agency, I am probably the most skeptical of anyone…prove it is my mantra!

Well…I can prove it. I just won’t go into details in this blog because I know my competition reads these constantly. I know this because I get comments back from “readers” that ask technical questions that the normal person would not ask.

Small Business Health Insurance in the Bay Area or anywhere in CA does NOT have to cost you a fortune…it’s expensive, no doubt about it, but you can mitigate much of that cost with a relatively simple STRATEGY. That’s what we do. We help companies strategize their Employee Benefit offering so Small Business Health Insurance is not so expensive. Our mindset is more like a financial planner. If you take on that type of attitude, you’re really helping companies “finance their employees healthcare”. Hey, its usually the second most costly item for a company…many progressive companies feel it’s time for a new way of doing business. Brauer Insurance can help them with that.

Small Business Health Insurance is expensive and it’s not getting any cheaper, especially with ObamaCare on the horizon is about 9 months. If you are looking for a unique, out of the box strategy, give us a call. Like I said, if I can’t help you…I’ll tell you.

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