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Business Health Insurance can be a very expensive undertaking if you don’t have the right guidance. Business Health Insurance does not have to cost you a fortune with the right strategy! ObamaCare is right around the corner and many of the requirements for even small business are already in place. Most small businesses that have Business Health Insurance in San Jose, don’t even know that they have certain compliance paperwork they have to have on file for employees. At Brauer Insurance, we help employers that offer Business Health Insurance to their staff, but don’t want to break the bank. I speak to owners, CEOs, CFOs all the time that think Employee Benefits, or Business Health Insurance is way out of their price range. What we do is strategize a Business Health Insurance plan that allows the company to offer Health Insurance and other cool benefits to their people, AND, helps set a budget and puts the Business Health Insurance plan into affordable means.

Business Health Insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune….it really doesn’t! If your broker is a specialist in Health Insurance and related products, they SHOULD be able to show you or provide you with a strategy. A strategy that will help you get better Business Health Insurance for less money. If they can’t do might as well just sign up online. I speak to employers all the time that tell me that they see their broker maybe once a year, or gets an email from them from time to time. If your broker is not providing something in return for their commission…maybe it’s time for a new broker.

At Brauer Insurance, Business Health Insurance is ALL we do….we are one of the Bay Area’s top Business Health Insurance agencies. We were voted one of the top 1000 agencies in the USA! Thanks to all of our clients that voted for us!! My son and daughters and I love what we do. This is my second career….I’m a retired Detective Sergeant with a Bay Area police department.

I can show you a better way of doing Employee Benefits and Business Health Insurance in San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View and anywhere in CA.

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