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Employee Benefits and Health Insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune….it really doesn’t! Even if you have a plan now, we can help you strategize your current plan to now only save you money, but improve Benefits for the employees. Your Business Health Insurance plan in San Jose has many options and ways to add value and cut expenses. With ObamaCare coming up in a few months, ALL employers offering Business Health Insurance in San Jose, Sunnyvale, or anywhere in CA will have to look for ways to compete with the expected increases in Business Health Insurance costs.

Business Health Insurance CAN be affordable and comprehensive. Too many times I’ve spoken to employees at a company that say their Business Health Insurance sucks. What happens is that the the Health Plans that the employer THINKS they can afford are the ones that the employees DON”T WANT. The deductibles are super high, with no underfunding strategy, office visits and prescriptions are very expensive. What I’ve found is that employers that offer Business Health Insurance really want to help their employees but they BELIEVE they can’t afford good coverage….wrong!! Most of those employers have an agent that does not SPECIALIZE in Business Health Insurance, so what happens is that the broker doesn’t know the ins and outs of the dysfunctional Health Insurance industry. At Brauer Insurance we ARE the specialists when it comes to Business Health Insurance….some agencies offer Business Health Insurance…we SPECIALIZE in it!!

Brauer Insurance is one of the leading Business Health Insurance agencies in the Bay Area. We were voted one of the top 1000 Business Health Insurance agencies in the USA! Let us help you navigate the crazy ObamaCare Health Reform waters for you. We are experts at anything related to Business Health Insurance and Health Insurance in general. Business Health Insurance in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara CAN be very affordable. Oh by the way, we have a ton of cool value add services that are FREE…

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