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Employee Benefits can be expensive…..VERY expensive, BUT they don’t have to be!! If you have an actual strategy for mitigating much of the cost, you can actually get better Employee Benefits at a savings. If I were you, I’d be skeptical too. I can show you countless examples where we have taken Employee Benefit Health Insurance plans that companies had in place, changed them, actually made them much better AND saved them 25-50%. To make this work, you have to change your mindset to more of a “risk management” approach. When you do, it takes on a whole new meaning and outlook. Another example, we took a company of 65 employees that had an Anthem Blue Cross plan. Moved them to another carrier, “strategized” it a bit. The savings was 28.5%….AND they had BETTER Employee Benefits. Again…I would be skeptical too, but I can prove it.

We insure tons of companies in San Jose for their Employee Benefits using our system and have been wildly successful. The strategy involves pairing different kinds of insurance products to come up with the same outcome. There IS a better way to do Employee Benefits, but you have to be willing to think “outside the box”. One of my biggest compliments came from a CEO and CFO that agreed to see me about their Employee Benefits, specifically their Group Health Insurance. Their prices were skyrocketing out of control. When I began my presentation, they both looked totally bored…I could see it in their eyes, here’s another insurance guy trying to get our business. After going through a few examples of how we strategize Employee Benefits for companies, the CEO sat up a little straighter in his chair, began asking me questions, and actually took an interest. It was at that point that they “GOT” the concept. The crowning moment for me?….the CEO looked at the CFO and asked her “why hasn’t OUR broker showed us this?” 2 weeks later, I took over the account of over 100 employees in California and Oregon.

Here is an absolute….Employee Benefits in San Jose, Sunnyvale, etc, will continue to get more and more expensive UNLESS you and your broker formulate a strategy. Folks it IS possible, I promise you!!

If your company wants a fresh look at Employee Benefits, we ARE the Bay Area’s leader in Employee Benefits located in San Jose. In 2012 we were voted, by our own clients, one of the top Insurance Professional Agencies in the U.S. I’ve been interviewed on television about ObamaCare, and I teach other agents Health Reform at UC Santa Cruz Extension.

Some agencies offer Health Insurance….we SPECIALIZE in it!!

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