Making sense of the upcoming ObamaCare Health Insurance plans, San Jose, helping to insure your family

All of the hype with the upcoming ObamaCare Health Insurance plans in San Jose is way overplayed.  This is what it boils down to folks….you are basically getting less benefit for more money.  There will be two ways to purchase ObamaCare Health Insurance beginning in 2014, either through Covered CA, or on the “Open Market”.  Here is the difference:  People should go through the CA Health Exchange or “MarketPlace” IF they are eligible for a government subsidy…that’s it!!  If you do not qualify for a subsidy you have a much larger selection on the Open Market.  All 26 Covered CA Health Insurance plans will be available on the Open Market and a bunch more, for the same exact price.

Going to Covered CA, Health Insurance Exchange, is primarily set up for subsidy people

Hey, if you can qualify for a subsidy from the government…..go for it.  Brauer Insurance can help you through that as well.  We are one of the chosen Independent Insurance Agencies that can help Individuals with ObamaCare and choosing a quality, affordable plan.  Here’s the difference…..Covered CA will ask you a bunch of personal and private information that you may not want to disclose, plus they only have 26 plans…..there are many more on the Open Market, same plans, same price.  Oh yeah, and using a broker that you trust is a good idea too, since our services are free.  Our commission is built into the price of each plan, whether you use us or not.

Using an Independent Broker is free…..and probably a really good idea, this stuff is confusing!

Independent agents and brokers help families and businesses typically for free.  Usually people want to find a broker that specializes in just Health Insurance….why?  Because Health Insurance is a niche product and super confusing.  There is no way a broker that tries to do all lines of insurance can be an expert at everything…..there simply is not enough time in the day to stay current with all the things that are changing, sometimes daily.  At Brauer Insurance, we wanted to pick one line of insurance and become an expert at that one thing.  Health Insurance for Individuals, Families and Businesses.

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