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Health Insurance for your Small Business can be very expensive, especially if you have no strategy or roadmap.  It’s a whole new world after January 2014 with ObamaCare beginning, and all of the mandates for businesses large and small.  Prices are going up, benefits are going down, but having a strategy and using a Health Insurance broker can make a world of difference.  Brokers that specialize in only Group Health realize that Health Insurance for Small Business is a niche industry.  With Health Insurance being at the forefront of the news constantly, people are coming to the realization that Health Insurance is a “necessary evil”.  I know that sounds harsh, but it is the absolute truth.  People need it, its as simple as that.  If you’re an employer and you are trying to attract and retain employees, you have to have good Employee Benefits.  They are typically one of the first things that employees ask about with their employment.

Health Insurance for employees is a good way to attract and retain

When you have a good Employee Benefits package, including Health Insurance, employees and potential employees take notice.  Typically Health Insurance is one of the most sought after benefits that employees ask about.  People are becoming increasingly aware of how Health Insurance works with it being in the news constantly.  Employee Benefits and Health Insurance are usually the second most expensive line item for a company, right underneath wages.  When business owners have a strategy to mitigate much of the cost….it makes a huge difference!  The right strategy can save a company up to 40%, with better benefits.

Small businesses with Health Insurance help their employees

When a business offers Health Insurance, it really helps their employees.  Offering insurance at work allows the employees to get quality insurance at a tax free discount.  Whatever their contribution is, can be paid for on a tax free basis with a section 125 plan.  So not only are they getting the insurance partially paid for by the employer, but their share is tax free!  The employer benefits too.  When the employee’s taxable wages are reduced by the section 125 plan, the employer saves on FICA and workers comp premiums.


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