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I’ve only been in the Health Insurance industry for about 11 years.  In my former life, I was a Detective Sergeant with a Bay Area Police Department.  What I learned was to try and be the best at whatever I do, whether it was solving a grisly crime or in my second career as a Business Health Insurance specialist.  I started our family agency in 2003 in a little room I built in our garage.  I made tons of mistakes, but learned the ropes quickly about how to help small and medium sized companies with their Business Health Insurance needs.  Brauer Insurance is one of the leading Health Insurance agencies in the Bay Area.  We have won the prestigious Best of Business Award for Health Insurance by the SBCA, Small Business Community Association for 2013.

Best of Business Award for Health Insurance goes to Brauer Insurance

When they contacted me about the award, I thought it was some sort of scam.  I was waiting for the person to suddenly ask for a donation or for me to buy something.  That never came up.  To have the Best of Business Award for Health Insurance is an honor.  I have the plaque that they sent me proudly displayed in our lobby.  My agency is comprised of two of my adult children and my wife, all of us Independent Brokers specializing in Health Insurance.  We are proud to be one of the only agencies in the Bay Area that is owned and operated by all family members.  Brauer Insurance is your Business Health Insurance specialists.  I’ve done several interviews on KPIX channel 5 TV on their ObamaCare segments with Julie Watts.  You can view them on our website,

We’ve done many Health Insurance interviews on KPIX channel 5

Being a Police Officer for so long, being in front of the camera came fairly natural.  Seeing me on the news doing an ObamaCare segment was a bit shocking.  When KPIX channel 5 did the first interview I asked my wife, “who is that old guy in my office?”  I think ObamaCare has aged me a bit….maybe that’s what it was.  But seriously, Brauer Insurance is the expert on Health Reform, ObamaCare and anything related to Employee Benefits or Business Health Insurance for companies of 2-500 employees.  Call us today and let us help you with all of the crazy mandates and compliance issues.

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