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If you are like most employers, Health Reform is a bit confusing and overwhelming.  There are so many mandates and compliance issues that most companies feel they need expert guidance and someone that is a “specialist”.  Any insurance person can throw plans around and help you sign up, that takes no skill at all.  Unless your broker can show you a strategy on paper that helps mitigate much of the cost increases associated with Health Reform and ObamaCare, maybe it’s time to shop around.  At Brauer Insurance, we are specialists when it comes to Health Insurance for your business, that’s our focus and our only focus.  Don’t take my word for it, google Health Insurance San Jose and see what other business owners are saying about us.

Business Health Insurance Specialists

Any agency can say they specialize in something.  The true test is when you call them and start asking them about their strategy.  Ask them exactly how they would strategize the Employee Benefits or Business Health Insurance for your company.  When they start to stammer and stutter, you have your answer.  At Brauer Insurance we can show you on paper how we have helped lots of companies not only save money, but realize better Business Health Insurance for their employees.  We have testimonials and many employers that can vouch for us and our unique approach.

A unique approach to Business Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

With the Brauer Insurance approach, we look at Business Health Insurance as an investment.  With an investment you have a strategy and a way to achieve your goals.  When you start thinking like that, it changes the whole approach to Business Health Insurance.  It changes it big time.  Have you ever heard of a financial plan for Business Health Insurance.  Probably not, but you will with Brauer Insurance.  Call us and I can explain more.  We are a family owned and operated Health Insurance agency that specializes in Business Health Insurance and Health Insurance for companies.  We are one of the leaders in the Bay Area.  Check out our YELP and Google reviews.

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