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Health Insurance for businesses has changed dramatically just in the last 6 months.  Prior to 2014, the plans were fairly easy to understand and you had much more of a selection, in terms of affordability.  Now, not so much.  All the ObamaCare plans of 2014 have to have certain embedded “essential benefits” in each plan, no matter which one you choose.  Is that good?  You’ll have to decide for yourself.  If you are looking for Affordable Company Health Insurance plans, the choices are somewhat limited.  With ObamaCare, the plans all have ceiling limits on deductibles and yearly maximums.  To some, that is a good thing, but it really limits your choices and in some cases has prevented employers to purchase plans for their employees due to cost.  If you own a business in San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose, I’m sure you’re aware of the costs of the ObamaCare 2014 plans.

Managing the cost increases for your Employee Benefits Health Insurance plan for your Small Business

There are some ways to mitigate some of the costs of the ObamaCare 2014 Health Reform plans.  The cost has increased substantially, 100% in some cases, depending on what 2013 plan you had for your Small Business Health Insurance.  There are still some plans that are a better deal than others, but the deductibles and yearly maximums have been reduced, which makes the plans cost more.  There are supplemental benefits you can purchase to help “insure your deductible”.  The strategy worked much better with the higher deductible plans that were available before ObamaCare, but are still effective.  At Brauer Insurance, we are the experts at Health Reform….teaching ObamaCare classes at UC Santa Cruz, being interviewed on KPIX channel 5 and other venues.  We are on the cutting edge of Health Reform.  Call us at (408) 421-5555

Health Reform plans to avoid in 2014 and beyond

With Health Reform, you need to be very careful what plan you purchase for yourself or your employees of your Small Business Health Plan.  Some of the ObamaCare plans have reduced networks of nearly 70% in some cases.  People call us constantly, telling us that they’ve picked a plan and then found out that the plan is  not in the network that they thought and that they doctor and hospital does not accept their insurance.  In 2014 and beyond…its a matter of the network wars, really!  You need a broker that specializes in just Health Insurance for Individuals, Families and Businesses.  If not us, then make sure they are accredited with the Federal Government in Health Reform for Business Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.

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