Health Insurance for small business, San Jose, CA, complying with ObamaCare

When you are looking for Health Insurance for a small business, there are many compliance issues you have to be aware of.  With Health Reform, each business, whether it is small or large, has compliance paperwork that they must have on file to be compliant with the Dept of Labor and the 2010 Health Reform Law.  Supplying your employees with certain documents in a timely fashion is not only a good thing to do, but mandated by law.  If you have a broker that does many lines of insurance, there’s a good chance they are not up to date with the ever changing ObamaCare issues.  Health Insurance agents services are free.  You can either use a “general practitioner” or a specialist, you choose.

Health Insurance for your business and strategies for saving money

There are many strategies when you implement a Health Insurance Benefit program for your company.  Especially with all the new plans and pricing, employers have to be savvy with their dollars and how they are spent.  Small Business Health Insurance is not cheap….not even close.  But there are ways to minimize the costs and help employees realize a much better product, which will in turn make them more happy employees.  Ancillary products and Voluntary Products are making a big comeback and people are realizing they are a real value.  An employee can purchase a Voluntary plan that will cover their deductible if they go into the hospital for about a $1 a day.

Business Health Insurance can be affordable and comprehensive

Health Insurance for a business can be very confusing.  Employees want to know that they are covered.  There’s nothing worse than finding out your Business Health Insurance plan is not what you thought it was, until it was too late.  That’s why having a specialist that only works with health insurance can make a huge difference.  Whether its us or another agency that you’ve found, I urge you to find an agent that knows the industry, maybe teaches ObamaCare and is respected in their industry.  Subtle differences can be huge down the road when there’s a claim or someone has an issue.

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