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There are so many things to think about when you’re in Start Up mode.  I’ve been doing this long enough to know a couple of things; get a good startup lawyer and find an HR consultant that you connect with.  Their pricing is not bad and the protection you would get yourself is invaluable.  Brauer Insurance actually work with Employee benefits and Health Insurance for businesses large and small, but I know the value of having these other bases covered.  The Start Up Lawyer that I recommend is Leila Banijamali.  She’s based out of San Francisco and has a ton of experience and passion for the Start Up community.  With a Start Up, your mind is running 100 miles an hour, and having a good consultant working with you that does not bankrupt you is a great foundation.  Hence the name Bedrock .

Other considerations with Start Ups and getting ready for your new business and employees

When you are trying to populate your Start Up with employees, they are probably coming from another established business with great benefits.  Health Insurance and Employee Benefits is one of the leading ways to attract and retain good employees.  Its usually the second most costly item for an employer and one of the first things that potential employees check out.  Great Health Insurance benefits do not have to cost you a fortune, they really don’t.  There are strategies that will allow employers to purchase great insurance that their employees will appreciate.  Start Up Health Insurance can also be confusing.  If you’ve never had to put an Employee Benefits plan together, it’s fairly complex.  If you end up with a broker that does not specialize in Health Insurance, you could be losing out.  With Health Insurance, the commission is built into the premium, so you pay the same, no matter what broker you have, even if you go “direct” to the insurance company, same price.

Having a Health Insurance Specialist costs the same as brokers that “do it all”

Being a Health Insurance broker for almost 12 years now, I’ve made a bunch of mistakes.  Some of which cost my a lot of money that I paid out personally.  That stung a bit, but that’s how you learn.  I also learned a long time ago that I could not be an expert at everything, so I chose Health Insurance and Employee Benefits, not knowing that the industry would implode like it did in 2010.  Looking at the glass half full made me realize that I’m somewhat of an oddity.  Because I’m a specialist, other agents come to me to ask questions, I’ve spoken on TV, lectured at UC Santa Cruz and done countless talks.  I feel pretty comfortable with Health Reform now and how it will impact businesses of all sizes.  My point to all of this is that when companies have a broker that is not a specialist, they lose out.  There is no way that insurance agents that do many lines of insurance can know it all, there simply is not enough hours in the day to absorb all of the information.  Brauer Insurance are experts at the Affordable Care Act, Health Reform and Health Insurance in general.  Call my family at (408) 421-5555


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