Medicare Supplements and Medicare Open Enrollment, San Jose, CA

If you are entering Medicare and are confused by all of the mailers that you’ve gotten, you’re not alone.  My advice, throw it all away!  Find an agent that you trust that can help you with your Medicare Supplements and Medicare Open Enrollment.  Our services are free to you, as the commission is built into the Medicare Supplement premium whether you use an Independent Health Insurance agent or not.  Finding an agent that can help you will make your life much easier.  Just be careful with the agents that don’t specialize in Health Insurance and maybe work out of their home doing it part time.  Those folks may not have the same resources as a full time agent.

Being a Health Insurance specialist is a blessing and a curse all at the same time

When you are a specialist, you get calls from some of the most unlikely people wanting advice.  Years ago when I told people that I was going to specialize only in Health Insurance, I got a lot of chuckles from people.  They told me that I would make more money by diversifying and offering many lines of insurance.  I just came to the realization that if I did that, I would never be an expert at anything.  One of the best compliments I’ve ever received was from an agent that had been in the business for over 30 years.  He called me because he was confused about some of the nuances of Health Reform.  Some of the questions he was asking were fairly basic.  I was glad to help him, seriously.  This guy has a very large client list of Group Health Insurance that he does for many companies.  It made me think.  There are very few people like Brauer Insurance that only specialize in Health Insurance and be it good or bad, I am a hot commodity in today’s climate of Health Reform.

Health Insurance brokers that specialize in Group Health are a hot commodity now with ObamaCare

I’ve been interviewed on TV multiple times, I’ve taught Health Insurance classes at UC Santa Cruz Extension, etc. and it still amazes me all of the misconceptions out there about ObamaCare and Health Reform in general.  Again, some agents that I really like and have known for years ask me some of the most basic questions about the ACA, Affordable Care Act.  How do they advise their clients?  Its kind of scary.  When I got into the business back in 2003, I really didn’t realize that you really have people’s lives in your hands with Group Benefits and Group Health Insurance.  You screw up, it can mean people’s savings are wiped out.  When you’re new, you don’t understand the importance of that.  Brauer Insurance is here to help and be a resource.  We will help anyone, anytime with any question regarding Health Reform, Medicare Supplements, GroupHealth etc….

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