ObamaCare Health Insurance and the network problems, San Jose, CA

If you’ve purchased ObamaCare Health Insurance, whether its Group Health Insurance or Individual Health Insurance, you are probably aware of all of the issues surrounding the “narrow” networks, primarily with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of CA.  Both of these carriers have created two networks within California that are either full networks or the partial or “narrow” networks.  What happened is that the carriers went to their doctors and hospitals and informed them that they would be setting up a more restrictive network to be price competitive.  Well, that meant that doctors were going to make less money if they elected to be one of their In-Network providers.  Getting paid about 30% less than they were already getting, was not received well.  What happened was that many doctors, almost half, decided not to be in the newer network.  That means that when you go to see Dr. Brown that you’ve seen for the last 20 years, its a crap shoot whether Dr. Brown is part of the ObamaCare Health Insurance network.

Lots of litigation and finger pointing with the narrow Health Insurance networks

At Brauer Insurance, we used to call providers and find out if they were participating in the network of a certain insurance company.  We cannot do that anymore.  Many times we get incorrect information, or they don’t know.  I’ve even called and spoke to the doctors directly, and most times, they don’t even know.  Unfortunately its the responsibility of the client to make sure the insurance policy that they are purchasing is in line with their doctor, or be ready to change doctors.  We’ve fielded lots of angry calls from people unsatisfied with the current situation.  Frankly, this is not how it was presented to brokers back in 2012 and 2013.

ObamaCare needs to clean up its reputation and fix the network problems if they want to earn the trust of the public

I served as a Police Detective for many years, prior to my insurance career.  If there was one thing I learned, if people don’t trust you, whether its other detectives or the public, you’re useless.  Same goes for ObamaCare and the perception of ObamaCare.  It does not have a good reputation.  I don’t care how much TV propaganda you see about how its such a success or whatever.  I’m talking to the public, daily and believe me, they are not happy.  It can be corrected, but its going to take some work.  First things first….fix the network issue.  If that happens, the trust of the public may come back.  ObamaCare, for the most part, is a good idea, but the implementation has been less than perfect.

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