Business Health Insurance subsidies for small companies, San Jose, Sunnyvale, CA

If you are considering Group Health Insurance or Business Health Insurance for your company, it may be cheaper than you think.  With all of the subsidies and rebates, some companies are getting help offering Group Health Plans or Business Health Insurance to their employees.  Group Health Plans can be expensive if you are not careful.  There are some strategies associated with Business Health Insurance plans and the application of those plans to small and medium sized companies.  Business Health Insurance subsidies for small companies in San Jose are usually confirmed with CPAs and administered by Brauer Insurance or another Health Insurance agency that specializes in Group Health Plans.  Business Health Insurance is a very niche industry, where even brokers that have been doing insurance for decades do not understand the nuances associated with the Affordable Care Act and all of the mandates and compliance issues.

Group Health Plan and Business Health Insurance subsidies is part of a niche industry of brokers

If you have a broker that does not specialize in Group Health or Business Health Insurance, you may be selling yourself short.  Our services are free and even more important, you get industry expertise and up to date knowledge of the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts businesses, especially small and medium sized companies.  Brauer Insurance was founded in 2003.  When I started the company, I really didn’t realize the depth of how Health Insurance and Group Health Insurance impacts people and their lives.  I got into the industry before it imploded with ObamaCare in 2010.  There is way too much information for an agent to absorb that is not already immersed in it.  It would be like myself trying to sell someone Workers Comp insurance….I know just enough to be dangerous.  Insurance is much more complicated than it was even a few years ago.

Subsidies are not easy to get for companies with the ACA

Unfortunately there are many companies that do not qualify for the subsidies that the ACA, Affordable Care Act, have been crowing about for years now.  But I always tell employers, all they can say to you is no, so it’s worth a try.  Many CPAs have had some luck obtaining them for their clients.  Hopefully they will be making the threshold for qualifying a bit easier for companies.  I’ve had to disappoint a few that first thought they qualified.  Even if you don’t qualify, employees need coverage and the employer’s contribution can be as little as $100 a month.

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