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If you are a business owner and you would like to provide Employee Benefits or a Group Health Plan for your employees, Business Health Insurance in San Jose is not that expensive.  For about $100 a month, an employer can purchase a Group Health Plan or Business Health Insurance for their company.  The benefits to having a Business Health Plan are many.  Employees like the fact they have the option to have an employer based Health Insurance plan and the employer pays for some of it.  Another benefit is that employees pay for their portion with pre-taxed money, saving about 20-30% on top of it.  For some companies having an Employee Benefit plan, Group Health Plan, or Business Health Insurance just does not make sense.  Either they can’t afford to help their employees insure their families, or the owners don’t see the value in trying to keep employees happy by offering them benefits.

Group Health Plan has to make sense for the owners to buy into it

Let’s face it, if the owners of the company don’t see the value in a Group Health Plan, the chances of a plan succeeding is very slim.  The owners and management have to believe that a Group Health Plan or Business Health Insurance is a good thing for the company.  They have to be willing to contribute a certain amount to the monthly premium and be the plan sponsor.  Without their buy in, the plan usually collapses.  Many companies feel that offering a Group Health Plan or a Business Health Plan for their people is a good way to attract and retain good people.  Studies have shown that the second line item that a potential employees looks at are the Employee Benefits and what type of Group Health Plan is in place.

The type of Group Health Plan is important

If employees feel that even though they have insurance, they have to pay everything out of pocket, they will not be happy.  That’s what happened with the higher deductible plans that came out a few years ago.  The pricing on those plans were great, but unless the broker knew what they were doing and installed some supplement products or a gap plan, the employees were not happy, at all.  Imagine having to meet the first $10,000 of health issues before the insurance kicked in.  When you have a Gap plan, much of the deductible is covered.  Especially when it involves serious health issues or hospitalization.

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