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Offering Health Insurance as an employer can be a daunting task.  If you want to attract and retain employees, Employee Benefits and Business Health Insurance for Small Companies can be the best way to make that happen.  The second thing that potential employees want to know is about the Health Insurance.  The first thing is always the salary, but the Employee Benefits are a close second.  There are many things to consider now with ObamaCare and all of the compliance issues surrounding it.  The Employer Mandate, Dept of Labor filings, mandated postings and employee notification, and the list goes on.  A bit of advise for an employer contemplating Health Insurance for a Small Company, or for that matter a Mid-sized company….seek an expert’s advice.  That means getting an Health Agent that only does Health Insurance for Small Companies.  The need to be versed in ObamaCare compliance, the Employer Mandate, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and all of the nuances to Health Insurance related to a company.

Lots of agencies offer Health Insurance, very few specialize in it

Whether its Brauer Insurance or another Independent agency, find yourself someone that you trust and someone that has industry knowledge.  There are many agents out there that are doing this part-time or maybe trying to do many lines of insurance, Home and Auto, Fire, Life, etc…you cannot be an expert at everything, its just not possible.  I learned a long time that there are only so many hours in the day.  With the ever changing landscape of Health Insurance for Businesses, there are just too many moving parts for someone that is not immersed in it to grasp.  When I first started, I tried to do many kinds of insurance and quickly realized that I would be good at many things, but never an expert at anything.  Our services are free, take advantage of them.

If you had a heart condition, would you go to a General Practitioner or a Specialist

Its as simple as that.  Especially if the services cost you the same, nothing.  We are paid by the insurance carrier.  The broker’s commission is built into the premium, so you pay the same no matter who is your agent or even if you go direct to the insurance company.  Even more reason to pick someone who knows what they are doing.  Brauer Insurance not only specializes in Health Insurance for businesses and companies, that’s all we do.  We are ObamaCare certified.

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