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Adding a Group Health Plan to your company’s benefit package can be a great way to attract and retain good people.  Everyone wants to earn the most money they can.  Secondly, the Health Plan that is offered is the next item on the employee’s checklist.  If the Employee Benefits are not good, or maybe non existent, that is a huge negative.  Group Health Plans are much more affordable than most employers think.  For about $150 a month you can insure an employee with a good Kaiser, or Anthem Blue Cross plan.  There are some other benefits for employers for having a Group Health Plan in place….the employer’s Workers Comp rate can decline, because any money paid by the employee, reduces their taxable income, the Workers Comp rates and the businesses FICA.

Added benefits for an employer that brings in a Group Health Plan

Besides helping the employees afford a Health Insurance plan, the employer reduces their cost for FICA and potentially their Workers Comp rates.  Any contribution paid by the employees towards Employee Benefits or a Group Health Plan, is done pre-taxed.  That means that the employees saves on taxes, it reduces the payroll amount for employers and saves on FICA too.  There are tons of strategies when you offer a Group Health Plan, and if you have a good Benefits Broker, they are offering many other free services that you will not get with a payroll company or a broker that does not specialize in Group Health Plans

Having a Group Health Broker that specializes brings employers many added services

With Brauer Insurance, we offer free services such as COBRA administration, online Benefits Manager and we even have an in-house HR Attorney to help our groups.  These are the types of services that you will not get with an insurance agent that does Health Insurance “on the side”.  The cost is the same to the client, whether they use an Independent Broker like Brauer Insurance, another agent, or even going direct to the carrier….same price.  Why not get the advantage of a specialist and all of the ancillary services they offer.

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