Affordable Health Insurance for businesses San Jose, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, CA

Business owners that are looking for affordable Health Insurance for businesses are probably in for some sticker shock.  What many owners don’t realize is that their contribution for each employee is only about $150 a month…much less than most people think.  Affordable Health Insurance for smaller companies, under 100 employees, may actually be found with some carriers.  Self insuring is an option for many companies as well, with premiums much less than a traditional Kaiser or Blue Cross plan.

Affordable Health Insurance using a self-insured insurance plan

Many of the companies are turning to alternatives to the high priced traditional health plans.  Affordable Health Insurance.  Cigna has a great partially self insured Affordable Health Insurance plan that companies as small as 25 employees, are eligible to have.  Depending on the makeup of the group, the premiums could be as much as 35% less than a traditional health plan.  Many companies are moving to higher deductible plans in order to lower costs.  There are many products that help companies with higher deductible plans that use ancillary products to help pay for out of pocket costs.  At Brauer Insurance, we call that “insuring the deductible”.

Companies that insure their deductible to make affordable health plans

Many of our companies utilize products that help pay for costs that employees have to pay for.  Whether its a hospital stay, or a trip to the ER, depending on the product, they can pay for much or all of the cost.  The monthly premium for these Supplement plans are much cheaper than most people think.  The plans we have for our own agency are about $50 a month, and is very comprehensive.  As an example, if you have to go to the hospital, you get a check for $1500.  An added bonus is a yearly payment of several hundred dollars for doing your annual checkup, which with ObamaCare is free to everyone.  There are many ways to have Affordable Health Insurance if you have the right broker working for you.

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