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Group Benefits for companies do not have to cost you a fortune.  There is also a misconception that Group Benefits for companies had to be completely paid by the company.  With many benefits there has to be a company contribution.  For some Group Benefits, they can be offered at no cost to the company and purchased by employees on a voluntary basis.  Group Benefits for companies are a great way to attract and retain good people.  The second most sought after item in an employment is the Group Benefits.

Group Benefits are a great way to attract and retain employees, some are no cost to companies

When you offer the Voluntary Benefits or Voluntary Group Benefits to employees, you’re allowing employees to purchase Group Benefits they would otherwise not have access to.  We even offer a comprehensive Group Benefits policy that helps pay for deductibles on Group Health Plans.  We have one in place for our own insurance agency!  There are many types of Group Benefits available.  Some are age rated and some are not.  Many of the Voluntary or Supplemental Group Benefits are composite rated, meaning if you are 18 or 64, the price is the same.

There are many types of Group Benefits available for employers and employees

Group Benefits come in many shapes and sizes.  There are Cancer policies, Health Insurance policies, Hospital plans, Accident plans and many other types of Group Benefits on the market.  Usually a good broker will try and pair the Health Insurance and the Group Benefits together to compliment each other.  In our case, we have a deductible Health Insurance plan and another benefit that helps pay the Health Insurance deductible if we have an accident or go into the hospital.  There is definitely a strategy involved with Group Benefits for companies.  A broker that specializes in Group Benefits is usually the best option for companies.

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