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Group Health Insurance plans for Small Business can be expensive if you don’t have a strategy.  The strategy involves having the employees pay for a portion of the monthly premium and also having a plan that may be on the inexpensive side and then supplement that coverage with other products that enhance or “insure” the deductible.  At Brauer Insurance the Small Business Health Insurance plans we recommend for employers have been wildly successful and cost effective.  Employers don’t realize that the minimum contribution for the employer is only about $150 a month per employee.  That is much less than most employers think they have to contribute.  For the Supplemental products that help insure the deductible, there is typically no employer requirement to pay anything per month.

Supplemental or Ancillary Employee Benefits can make a huge difference with employees

For most employees, these type of products are only available through an employer, so when the boss allows these products to be brought in for the benefit of the employees, many appreciate it.  Again, there is no employer requirement to fund any of these products.  Products like Life Insurance, Deductible insurance, Hospital Indemnity and other products can make a huge dent in the Group Health Insurance liability for an employee.  Small Business Health Insurance can become much more affordable when you have this type of coverage in place.

Affordable Small Business Health Insurance and Group Health Insurance, San Jose

Employees that elect to purchase many of these Supplemental products, find them to be very inexpensive.  For example if you have a typical Group Health Plan, your deductible is maybe $2000.  A Hospital Indemnity product can cover most or all of the deductible for you, if you end up in the hospital.  I’ve seen many times with our employers, that the employees that purchase this coverage are really glad they have it.  The monthly premiums range from $35-65 a month depending on the level of coverage.  I have this policy for myself and my family, I believe in it so much and yes, we’ve used it.  There are many ways to make Group Health Insurance affordable for Small Businesses.  Call Brauer Insurance and we can discuss them.  I will give you my honest opinion of your coverage and anything you’d like to talk about with no expectation of doing business.

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