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If you are looking for Health Insurance for your Start Up or Employee Benefits for your Start Up, there are some pretty cool options out there for you.  I’m not saying they are cheap, but they will not break the bank and provide your employees, or soon to be employees of your Start Up, with some great Employee Benefits.  The challenge has always been for Start Ups to attract quality people away from huge companies and be able to compensate them with Health Insurance or Employee Benefits.  If you are an employer and you want to explore Health Insurance and other quality benefits for your Start Up, let us know, there are a lot of options.  You have to remember though that potential employees are coming from companies that usually have great Employee Benefits and the employee probably don’t pay much for them.

Start Ups that want quality employees and are trying to lure them away from larger companies

When you offer Employee Benefits and Health Insurance to people at your Start Up, you have to remember that they are probably used to Health Insurance that they did not have to pay much for, low annual deductibles, and copays.  With the Affordable Care Act, there are many plans now that have all of those things.  One of the biggest differences is that with larger companies, there is a single person rate, no matter what your age is.  A 19 year old employee is the same price as a 64 year old.  With smaller Group Insurance plans, the pricing is “age rated”, meaning that a 19 year old is going to be cheap and a 64 year old is expensive.  Start Ups have a wide selection of plans that many employees would love to have.  We can help you navigate those waters and strategize the Employee Benefits plan that would be comprehensive and affordable for your company.

There is a strategy for Start Ups and their Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Just offering a Health Insurance plan to an employee at a Start Up is not enough.  It requires education and help from the broker, and hopefully that broker is a specialist in Health Insurance plans for Start Ups.  If they’re not, you should seriously consider changing brokers.  When I speak to owners of Start Ups, I always ask them if they have a strategy AND if they have their ERISA paperwork in order.  When they look at me bewildered, I know something is not right.  My advise to them is to hire a Health Insurance specialist, not a generalist.  Our services are free, no matter who you use.  A specialist is someone that only does Employee Benefits and Health Insurance for Start Ups.  Brauer Insurance is the Bay Area leader in helping entrepreneurs with their Start Up Health Insurance.

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