Group Health Insurance for businesses, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA.

Group Health Insurance for businesses do not have to cost you a fortune.  Depending on what type of plan you have and what the company’s goals are for their Employee Benefits that they offer the employees, a good Health Insurance broker can make all the difference in the world.  When you have a specialist working for you, they can guide you and advise the best strategy out there.  Not to mention all of the crazy compliance issues that businesses big and small have to deal withe when it comes to Group Health Insurance.  Compliance in today’s Group Health Insurance environment can be tricky.

Group Health Insurance mandates and compliance issues for businesses

There are so many mandates for Group Health Insurance now with ObamaCare, and the ACA, that businesses large and small are having a hard time keeping up.  That is why having a specialist in Group Health Insurance is a must.  Whether its Brauer Insurance or someone else that you trust, having a specialist makes all the difference in the world.  Group Health Insurance is too much of a niche product now, and honestly, you cannot be an expert at everything.  Years ago, businesses could have any agent help them with their Group Health Plan and they would be fine.  Now, not so much.  Agents that don’t specialize, are putting their clients at risk for a Dept of Labor, or IRS audit of their ERISA, and ACA documents.  The businesses not compliant are dealt with harshly.

Group Health Insurance audits are not fun for businesses and can be costly

If you have ever been audited, or even questioned by the IRS or DOL, it can be a nerve racking ordeal.  Having a specialist in compliance on your side, for free by the way, can make a big difference.  Group Health Insurance specialists are agent that only do Health Insurance.  Brauer Insurance was founded on that idea.  We knew that we could not be everything to all people.  In 2003, we decided to focus our agency on Health Insurance…specifically Group Health Insurance for businesses and companies.  We supply our groups with all of the material and documents that are needed to avoid problems.  Our consultations are free for our clients.

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