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Group Health Insurance for companies should not cost you a fortune.  There are way too many options and strategies for employers to spent tons of money on their Group Benefits.  With the ACA (Affordable Care Act), the minimum an employer can contribute is 50% of the employee only premium OR about $150 or so, depending on the insurance carrier.  There is even one time a year, that insurance carriers are mandated to extend coverage to companies that either don’t want to contribute or don’ want to contribute enough.  They even waive the participation minimums, meaning if you are a company of 30 and 4 people want to sign up…during that period in November, we can help you.

Special Enrollment period for companies where contribution and participation is waived

Every year, the ACA allows for companies that do not have the normal 70% employee participation in the Group Health Insurance plan to enroll no matter how many employees want it.  It can be done even with one employee.  This also goes for groups that either can’t or won’t contribute the normal 50% of the employee only premium.  This Special Enrollment Period is in the middle of November for a January 1 start.  This has helped many groups that want to offer Group Health Insurance coverage, but for whatever reason, do not.  The Group Health Insurance benefits are usually much better on a Group Health Insurance plan than a traditional Individual Health Plan that you would purchase online.

Small and Medium size companies can offer affordable coverage for their employees without breaking the bank

With the formation of the ACA, it gives employers some options of enrolling employees into affordable plans, that offer great coverage.  Let’s face it…nothing is cheap anymore.  Thank you ObamaCare, but there are some strategies that you can us that makes the price of Group Health Insurance a little more affordable.  Whether its Brauer Insurance or someone else, I would strongly recommend finding an Independent Insurance Agency that has good reviews and has your best interest at heart.  With the larger insurance agency, you get a person that may or may not be qualified to advise you on Group Health Insurance.  You’re definitely not talking to the owner.

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