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If you are a small business with under 100 employees and looking to put together Group Benefits for your company, Brauer Insurance may be a good fit for you.  With Group Insurance, most of the benefits are age-rated, which means that the older you are, the more expensive it is.  Health Insurance for small businesses can be tricky.  Not all insurance is made the same.  With all of the ObamaCare compliance issues, you have to be careful.  Some insurance is compliant, some are not.  Same goes for brokers.  If you have an Independent Broker that specializes in Health Insurance and is making sure you have all of the compliance paperwork, you’re probably ok.  If your broker does not specialize in Health, you may have a problem.  Health Insurance for a small business carries quite a bit more liability than you might think.

Health Insurance mandates with the ACA, ObamaCare

All employers are subject to some of the mandates of the ACA (Affordable Care Act), some employers over 20 employees have their own mandates and compliance issues.  Group Medical Insurance, if not administered right, can land the employer in a Dept of Labor audit.  Those are never fun.  It’s not only expensive, but it allows the DOL to snoop around in other areas of your business….do you have your updated Employee Handbook, to name one area they focus on.

Group Benefits for a company should not cost you a fortune

There are many strategies associated with having a Group Benefits Plan in your company.  Your broker should be making the process easy.  When I go into most companies, I find that they are spending way too much for their Group Benefits.  Either they are on the wrong plan, or the company’s contribution is way too high.  Many times we can adjust the plan and contribution level so there is virtually no difference with the coverage each employee has.  Health Insurance or Group Health Insurance for your company should not cost a fortune.  If it does, the broker is not doing their job.  There are tons of ways to reduce pricing.  Brauer Insurance is your Bay Area Specialist in Group Health Insurance

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