Group Benefits for your company, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, CA

If you are an employer searching for the most affordable Group Benefits for your company, the first thing you should find a Health Insurance broker that you feel you can trust.  Group Benefits in San Francisco and Oakland can be very confusing.  Not every broker is equipped to advise employers about Group Benefits or Health Insurance.  The health insurance industry is more dysfunctional than anyone can ever imagine.  To be able to navigate Group Benefits, a health insurance broker has indepth knowledge of the ins and outs of what are the best options.  There is simply not enough hours in the day for brokers to be experts at all types of insurance.

Group Benefits are changing constantly for brokers and employers

Because of ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act), the already crazy industry has become so complicated that any broker you speak to, that does not specialize in Group Benefits, should be avoided completely.  It is very easy to mislead an employer with their Group Benefits, if you are not a specialist.  Broker’s fees are built into the monthly premium, so whether you use a Generalist or Specialist, your price is the same.  The advice you get is definitely not the same.  Anyone can throw plans around and help you sign up, that takes no talent.  To give sound advice, you have to be a specialist.

Group Benefits are for specialists not generalists

If you had a heart condition, you would want a Cardiologist, not a General Practitioner.  With insurance its the same way.  Now what if your Cardiologist cost the same as a General Practitioner…..kind of a no brainer.  Group Benefits Specialists have industry knowledge that a typical insurance agent would never know.  That knowledge takes time.  It’s a full time job, especially now.  My advice to any employer searching for Group Benefits for your company, is to find yourself a Group Benefits specialist like Brauer Insurance.  If you have a Group Benefits specialist for a broker now, and they have you compliant with all of the ObamaCare mandates, keep them.

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