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If you are an employer that is either frustrated with the high cost of Group Health Insurance or Business Health Plans, I have some advice for you.  Find yourself a Health Insurance  or Employee Benefits strategist that you trust.  There are many of us around, but few that have the expertise to say they are a Specialist.  Due diligence is always prudent as well.  Stalking Group Health Insurance advisors to see who they are is a good thing.  How are their reviews, what does their LinkedIn profile look like.  All of these are really good indicators of what kind of job they will do and how dialed in to the Business Health Plan industry they are.

As odd as it sounds, Group Health Insurance reviews and posts are crucial

When you are considering a change, or looking for that Benefits Advisor of Group Health Plans or Business Health Plans, take a few minutes to check people out.  You’d be surprised at what you find.  Many of the so called “experts” are either new to the business, do all types of insurance not specific to Group Health, or have few or bad reviews from clients.  Yelp is another way to vet out Group Health Insurance brokers that you may not want to work with.  Again, many surprises when you do an easy search.

What is the broker’s background before they started in the insurance industry

We come from many diverse backgrounds before Group Health Insurance, some of which may surprise you.  For myself, I was a Police Detective for many years.  After seeing the worst of humanity, I decided back in 2003 to find a career where I could involve my family and work together at a little boutique agency.  Today, my wife and two of my adult children makeup the agency in San Jose.  We specialize in Health Insurance for businesses, Group Health Plans and other Health Insurance related products.

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