Group Health Insurance for companies, Santa Clara, CA

If your company is confused with all of the issues pertaining to ObamaCare and its mandates, you are not alone.  Most employers are busy running their business and really don’t want to think about Group Health Insurance.  They know they have to have it, to be competitive and relevant.  Group Health Insurance is not only expensive and confusing, but its a liability for the company.  There are mandates and compliance issues that were non existent 5 years ago.  Having an expert working on your behalf is how to avoid costly issues…..oh, and our services are free

Group Health Insurance experts have no fees

Having a Group Health Insurance expert advising you on all of the confusing, and frankly ridiculous mandates can make all the difference in the world.  Our fees are built into the monthly premium, so whether you have a General Practitioner for a broker, or a Specialist, you pay the same for your Group Health Insurance.  Whether you have Brauer Insurance as your adviser or someone else, just make sure they are at the top of their game, and that they are Specialists in Group Health Insurance.

Having a Specialist in Group Health Insurance has its advantages

Anyone can throw plans around and enroll people.  That takes no skill at all.  Knowing the complex and dysfunctional Group Health Insurance industry and helping your company get compliant with all of the mandates.  That takes an agency that solely does Group Health Insurance.  Having an HR Attorney on staff helps too.  They are ready to advise clients on a variety of issues from the new sick leave statute, to wage and hour, to on-boarding new employees.  Whether its Brauer Insurance or another agency you choose, just make sure that they are leaders in the Group Health Insurance industry and have compliance paperwork that they prepare for you at no charge

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