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If you are an employer searching for the best way to help insure your employees, find a broker that specializes in Group Health Plans and Health Insurance for businesses.  Whether its us or someone else, you owe it to yourself and your company to get a specialist in the field of Group Health Plans, not a General Practitioner.  Having an expert on your side, preferably one with an HR Attorney on staff, can really make a difference in how you strategize the Health Insurance for businesses.  Group Health Plans and Health Insurance for businesses is a niche industry.  There are tons of agents running around quoting health insurance, but when it comes down to compliance issues and other ACA related topics, they are useless.

Having a specialist in Group Health Plans can make a significant difference

If you have an agent now, ask them what they have done to get you compliant with all of the ACA, ObamaCare laws and mandates.  If they look at you with a shocked look, I think you have your answer.  Being a specialist means that you put together compliance documents for your groups, you have an HR Attorney on staff, and maybe you’ve done some teaching about Health Insurance for businesses at the college level.  It also means that you’ve been in the industry for more than 10 years.  Group Health Plans are complicated, no doubt about it.  The broker’s commission is part of the monthly premium, and does not cost companies any money.

Adding value is the key to hiring a specialist broker of Business Health Insurance

Group Health Plans are not cheap.  The slightest little strategy will save companies hundreds or thousands of dollars each month, many times without reducing coverage.  Knowing the field and providing extra value is always the key to different brokers.  Are they reaching out to you from time to time, maybe having quarterly meetings?  All of these should be considered when you are looking at Health Insurance for businesses or Group Health Plans.

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