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If you are looking for Health Insurance for businesses, there are so many options available now to employers now….none of them cheap.  There are, however, some alternatives that will allow employers to save some money on traditional health insurance for businesses.  It’s vitally important to make sure that you get a Health Insurance Specialist.  This industry is already expensive and dysfunctional, having someone that only does Health Insurance AND is highly rated, can only be to your benefit.

Having a Health Insurance Specialist that is highly rated can make a big difference

Doing your due diligence is important.  Is your Health Insurance broker someone that knows the industry and specializes in Health Insurance?  If not, you should think twice about having them advise you.  Having a Health Insurance advisor is much more than just throwing various plans around and enrolling employees.  Any insurance geek can do that.  It takes much more skill to have inside industry knowledge by specializing.

Health Insurance Specialists are rare

Doing your due diligence is not that hard.  When you talk to brokers and are considering bringing them on, stalk them a bit.  By that I mean look them up.  What is their rating, look at their LinkedIn page, what does their company website say.  I would even check them out on Facebook…’d be surprised what you find on Facebook.  What certificates do they have, are they really experts.  We have an HR attorney on staff, do they?  That’s not crucial, but it really lends itself to the idea that you’re serious about what you’re doing.  How long have they been in the business, that makes a huge difference.  I was not really good until about year 7 or 8, seriously.  This industry is just too complicated to do it part time or do Health Insurance for businesses as a side business.  The risk and liability is just too high.  The complicated ObamaCare mandates affect all businesses, big and small.  My advice, find a health insurance agent that specializes in Health Insurance for businesses and interview them.

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