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Health Insurance is a niche industry.  Years ago an agent could broker multiple lines of insurance and be ok.  There was no need for specialists.  Hello ObamaCare.  I am a broker that specializes in Health Insurance….that’s all we do.  I got in to the industry before it imploded, back in 2003.  This is also my second career.  Being an ex cop, I thought I was used to dealing with problems.  The health insurance industry is a train wreck, seriously.  To say that it is dysfunctional is an understatement.  Health Insurance is a specialty, plain and simple.  If you own a business and your agent is not a Health Insurance Specialist, get rid of them.  I mean that.  There is just too much liability now with offering Health Insurance if you own a business

Specialists or Generalists, same price

It would be like having a heart issue and going to see a General Practitioner.  You just wouldn’t do it.  Now throw in the fact that the broker’s services are free, no matter who you use, and you’ve got another reason to use a Health Insurance Specialist.  When I started doing this back in 2003, it was pretty easy.  No ObamaCare issues, no employer mandates, no Dept of Labor breathing down employers necks about their health insurance offering.  We are living in a different world now and if you offer Group Health Insurance to your employees, do yourself a favor and get someone that is a Health Insurance Specialist.  They will know the industry, the mandates, the penalties and how to keep you compliant.  I guarantee you that your agent is lacking if they are not a Health Insurance Specialist.  Its just too complicated now.  There is no way to become proficient at all lines of insurance

There are not enough hours in the day to become an expert at everything

We are all good at something.  Me, its police work and Health Insurance.  I’ve taught college level course on Health Insurance, been interviewed on TV multiple times and teach other agents about ObamaCare.  You just can’t become an expert at it all.  Health Insurance experts are rare.  We are a sought after commodity these days with all of the compliance issues to deal with.  Employers are scared.  I don’t blame them, there’s a huge liability when you offer Health Insurance at your company.  Have an expert help you.  Get a Health Insurance Specialist, not a Generalist.

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