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If you are an employer wondering if you need to do anything about ObamaCare and your company, the answer is….maybe.  If you are a company with over 50 employees, but under 100, you will need to “offer” insurance to your full time employees beginning in January 2016.  If you don’t, there will be a hefty penalty.  If your company has under 50 employees, and there is a formula for that if you are close to that number, then you will not have to offer health insurance to anyone.  Now, having said that, you MAY want to offer it, to keep relevant in your industry.  What many employers don’t know is that ObamaCare for businesses can be a good thing.

ObamaCare for businesses offer a once a year special enrollment that allows groups to enroll

This Special Enrollment period is a once a year time when employers with under 50 employees can sign up for Group Health Insurance regardless of number of enrollees or contribution.  ObamaCare mandates carriers to offer Group Health Insurance to smaller companies without underwriting guidelines.  Many groups that either don’t have the typical 70% of employees wanting to sign up or the company does not want to contribute towards the employees health insurance costs, can enroll easily.  For example, if your company has 25 employees, but only 5 want to enroll into the health insurance and the company is not in a position to pay for any of the cost….we can help them.

Once a year Special Enrollment for groups that have only a few employees that want to sign up for Health Insurance

This offers employees the chance to enroll into Group Health Insurance, which is typically more comprehensive than the Individual-Family plans available online.  Employers like this option too, because it gives them more flexibility than the traditional underwriting of Health Insurance for companies.  Brauer Insurance is one of the leading agencies in the Bay Area that knows the nuances of this dysfunctional industry.  We can help any company obtain Health Insurance for their employees.

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