Health Insurance for employers, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, CA

If you are looking for Health Insurance for your company there are many options available.  Some are more expensive than others, obviously.  Having a Health Insurance for employers expert is always a good decision.  The expertise that a Health Insurance broker has cannot be obtained from an agent that is a General Practitioner.  Health Insurance for employers is more than just a specialty, its a niche market, with pitfalls and compliance issues we’ve never seen before ObamaCare.  Employers searching for Health Insurance and other Employee Benefits for their employees are faced with many decisions.  Most of which are not done by most people on a regular basis.  People usually only think about Health Insurance when they need it.  Its not usually the topic of conversation among friends.  It is however, one of the things that, if not done correctly, could have a devastating effect on someone.

No one wants to think about Health Insurance, let alone pay for it

When I got into this business 13 years ago, I never dreamed that it would implode in 2010 with the ACA, or ObamaCare.  The compliance issues and mandates that employers have to adhere to now are just short of insanity.  If it wasn’t so attractive for employees to have health insurance at work, I don’t know why anyone would bother doing it.  Health Insurance for employers can vary from city to city.  Health Insurance for employers in San Jose is different than Health Insurance for employers in Palo Alto.  Different health networks, different clinics, etc.  The pricing is usually different too.

Health Insurance for employers can vary from city to city

The plans available and the networks in different cities and counties can vary a lot.  Kaiser Health Insurance for employers for instance, is not available in Santa Cruz county, for the most part.  With Kaiser, there are “service areas” that you have to either live or work in to be able to obtain Kaiser Health Insurance for employers.  Not only is the Health Insurance industry dysfunctional, its super expensive.  More and more, Health Insurance for employers is being paid for by the employer and the employee.  Its just too expensive for the employer, in most cases to bear the entire cost.  Strategies make a huge impact as well.  If you have a broker that does not specialize in Health Insurance for employers, when you talk to them about strategies, you’re going to get a blank stare.

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