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If you are an employer looking for alternatives to the high prices of Health Insurance for companies, you may be surprised at some of the options.  Everyone knows that as an employer, offering Health Insurance to employees is a great way to attract and retain good people.  When potential employees ask about, right after salary, is the Employee Benefits that are offered by the company.  Having a full assortment of Employee Benefits, including Affordable Health Insurance, is a great way to attract employees that may be lured to other employers with better Employee Benefits.  Many employers are unaware that some of the Employee Benefits that a company can offer, do not have to cost the company anything.  Just being able to offer the various benefits is attractive.

Some Employee Benefits that are available do not have to cost the company anything

Voluntary Employee Benefits are somewhat of a new concept.  They include Life Insurance and Disability coverage that is not available on the Open Market.  With the employer allowing certain Employee Benefits to be offered, the employees have access to coverage that would otherwise not be available.  High dollar Life Insurance, Cancer Policies, Accident coverage, etc, can be something that employees love.  If someone has cancer in their family, or if they themselves have had cancer, most times they are denied cancer coverage.  Not so with many of these policies.  They are issued on a “guarantee issue” basis.

Much of the Voluntary Employee Benefits offered waive the pre existing clause

When a thoughtful employer allows Voluntary Employee Benefits to be offered at the company, it opens up many avenues for employees to obtain coverage otherwise not available.  Colonial and Aflac are some of the more popular insurance carriers for these type of products.  When an employee can get $50,000 of Life Insurance for their family for $9 a month, that is a great benefit!  When an employer allows a Hospital Policy to be offered and an employee gets $3500 if they end of going to the hospital, most people are ecstatic!  It really helps them with any hospital bills that may arise.

Basically, if employers are willing to be creative, there are tons of Employee Benefits available for employees, at a very low cost.

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