Group Health Plans for larger employers, San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, CA

Most times when an employer is considering offering Health Insurance or Employee Benefits to employees, they don’t know where to begin.  To make it even more confusing, there are so many plans and insurance companies that it makes you dizzy.  When you’re a larger employer, you have certain mandates that have to be satisfied by all of the new ObamaCare laws.  It’s enough to make anyone crazy.  There are so many things to consider that you really need an expert at Employee Benefits.  How to set them up, what’s affordable and comprehensive, compliance issues, notifications…and the list goes on.  When an employer calls me for the first time, whether they’ve been recommended by a client or found us on the internet, I always ask them to do their “due diligence” when they pick a broker.  Whether that’s us or someone else, you have to have confidence in the person that is guiding you through this dysfunctional maze.  What are their credentials, why are THEY an expert.  Many times people look good on paper and then you find out they don’t have a lot of experience, or maybe they don’t specialize in Group Health Plans for employers.  Do your will save you much headache in the long run.

Brokers are a dime a dozen

We really are.  I got into this industry in 2003, all starry eyed and wanting to do a good job.  What I found is that there are many brokers that should be doing something else.  They lack follow up, lack knowledge of products and procedures, or simply try to do too many other lines of insurance and are not experts in Group Health Plans.  Some are even a bit shady and lazy.  Once again…do your homework.  Any idiot can throw insurance plans at you and help you sign up, that takes no skill whatsoever.  Are they versed in the latest ACA laws and mandate requirements for larger employers.  Have they taught Employee Benefits, what about certifications?  Lots of things to consider.  There are a lot of brokers out there.  Find one that you trust and you feel good about.

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