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If you own a company or responsible for the Employee Benefits or Group Benefits for a company, ACA compliance has to be on your mind.  Whether its the new 1094 and 1095 requirements, or just a simple ERISA wrap document that you may not have, many HR Directors and CFOs are wringing their hands not knowing who to trust with all of he mandates of the ACA (Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare).

Who do you trust when it comes to the many complicated compliance issues associated with the ACA

If you have a Group Benefits Broker that has not spoken to you about all of the compliance issues for your company, shame on them.  If they are part-time Health Insurance brokers, they should partner with someone that is “dialed in” to all of the complex mandates that are required by the Affordable Care Act….and there are tons of them.  Ask your broker if they have you compliant.  If they look at you with a confused or “deer in the headlights” look……you have a problem.  Find yourself a Group Benefits Broker or Health Insurance Broker that knows what they are doing.   Our services are usually free, and having an expert that focuses on Group Benefits is huge!

Having a Group Benefits Broker that focuses on Health Insurance is a must for companies

When we are invited into new businesses and I explain what we do and ask a few compliance questions,  you can really gauge if the company is at risk or not.  Companies have so much liability when it comes to many of these mandates, it’s scary.  What’s even more scary is when I speak to agents that “offer” Health Insurance, and start discussing things like do you have a TPA that does Cobra for you, and do you supply your groups with a WRAP document, they look at me like I’m speaking another language.  It’s frightening…seriously.  These companies are SO much at risk and they are totally oblivious of it.

At Brauer Insurance we ONLY do Group Benefits and Health Insurance.  There just is not enough time in the day to become an expert at all types of insurance.  I got into this industry in 2003, not knowing it was going to implode with ObamaCare in 2010.  I stuck with it, and today we are one of the Bay Area leaders in ACA expertise.  I have taught Group Benefits and Health Insurance for UC Santa Cruz Extension, and been featured on KPIX Channel 5 on various ObamaCare segments with Julie Watts.  My advice…if not us, find yourself an agency that you trust to guide you through this dysfunctional nightmare they call the ACA.  Well worth the effort


Steve Brauer-Principal, Brauer Insurance Services LLC

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