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If you are an employer that is confused with what exactly to offer employees, what it will cost and the tons of mandates that are in place now….you are not alone.  Group Benefits and Small Group Benefits are not only confusing, they’re expensive.  We specialize in Group Benefits and Small Group Benefits for companies, but there are millions of agents that can help you…but buyer beware.  Just because someone has an insurance license, does not mean they are fit to give you advice on Group Health Benefits for your company.  Group Health Insurance is a VERY niche product.  There are many pitfalls and things to be careful of.  Many of which insurance “generalists” don’t know about.  Here’s my advice….if you have a broker that specializes in Group Health Benefits, they have you compliant with all the ERISA documents you have to have for the Dept of Labor, AND they’ve strategized your Group Benefits so that you’re not going broke…keep them.  There are not many of us around anymore

Having a Group Benefits expert is free to employers, our commission is built into the premium

No matter who is representing you as your broker, the cost to employers is the same.  Our commission is built into the premium of the Group Benefits product that you have.  It’s like having a heart problem and having your choice of seeing a General Practitioner or a Cardiologist for the same price…kind of a no brainer, huh!  We have been doing Small Group Benefits for companies for 13 years now.  When I started this in 2003, I quickly learned that I could not be an expert at everything and had to choose a specialty.  This is before things blew up with ObamaCare, but surprisingly, because we only do Group Benefits, we’ve thrived since the inception of ObamaCare.  Mostly because we understand it and can translate it for employers.

We translate ObamaCare into English for Group Benefit employers

Besides being expensive, Group Health Benefits and Small Group Benefits are confusing.  So confusing that many agents that don’t specialize in Group Benefits and Health Insurance come to us for advice on their own book of business.  Besides being featured on KPIX Channel 5, on their ObamaCare segments, I’ve taught Group Benefits and Employee Benefits at UC Santa Cruz Extension in Santa Clara.


Last piece of advice….find yourself an expert, whether its us or someone else, use the expertise of someone that knows what they’re doing to help you navigate the crazy waters of Group Benefits and Small Group Insurance.


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