Kaiser plans for businesses, Bay Area, CA

Kaiser is one of the leading health insurance plans for businesses in CA.  Kaiser plans for businesses can be affordable and very comprehensive.  The Kaiser health insurance business plan is probably one of the cheapest ways to help insure your employees.  Kaiser is considered a “one stop shop”, when it comes to health insurance and being able to offer it to your employees.  Most of Kaiser’s services are at one location and easy for people to navigate their healthcare.  That is attractive to many people.

Kaiser insurance is highly rated and affordable for many people

If you are an employer that is paying for part of the Kaiser health plan for your employee, the employee has to pay for the other part themselves.  The more affordable the coverage, the less that the employee is required to contribute.  The amount that employees pay towards their insurance can be done on a pre-taxed basis and the employer saves money on their worker’s comp amount.  When the employee contributes towards their Kaiser Group Health Plan, they are paying less and saving taxes on that money

Kaiser Health Insurance plans are comprehensive

When you are a Kaiser health insurance member, there are yearly preventative services that are performed for free.  Kaiser is great at reminding their members to keep them on the preventative track.  Not so with the other carriers.  I’ve been a Kaiser member for a long time and realize that Kaiser has its drawbacks, but overall its been pretty good.  One of the things that people don’t like about Kaiser plans for businesses is that many times employees have to get a referral to see a specialist.  With PPOs, most times you can self refer and sidestep having to ask permission from your primary car physician.  Some people think that you cannot choose your own doctor with Kaiser Health Insurance.  Not so…you can choose one, but it has to be one of their doctors in their network

Overall, Kaiser is a pretty good value.  There is no such thing as a cheap health plan anymore…thanks ObamaCare for that.  Kaiser Health Plan for employees is affordable and super comprehensive though.


Steve Brauer, Principal, Brauer Insurance Services LLC, San Jose, CA

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