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Offering Company Benefits can be a daunting task for an employer.  Company Benefits are expensive and very confusing.  Employers don’t know who to believe when they’re looking for sound advice on Company Benefits or Employee Benefits for Companies.  Having a broker that knows Health Insurance and Company Benefits is golden.  There are tons of brokers and agents that can sell you Health Insurance, but only a few that specialize in Company Benefits and Employee Benefits.  Good advice: Get a specialist, not a generalist.  Benefit brokers get paid by the insurance company….the price is the same for the employer, no matter who your Company Benefits broker is.  Its like getting the services of a Cardiologist, when you have a heart issue and not seeing a General Practitioner.

Company Benefits are a big deal when it comes to the employee’s health care

Not only are Company Benefits expensive, but if they are not done right, your employees suffer.  When I started this back in 2003, I never realized how important Company Benefits are.  If you screw something up, its a huge deal.  We are a family agency, with my kids and I making up the brokers in the office.  We take things personally.  When you are a Health Insurance Broker, you have all of the employee’s healthcare in your hands, if you make a mistake it could mean someone’s child doesn’t get care, or could cost the employee a ton of money.

Check the broker’s website, reviews, etc, to make sure they are the right fit for your Company Benefits

When you are thinking about your Company Benefits, I would do some due diligence and check out the broker and their agency.  That means looking at their reviews on Google, Yelp and other sources.  If there’s nothing there or you have some issues, you’ll see it pretty clearly…AND you’ll also see if they are a Specialist or a Generalist.  It makes a huge difference.  Make sure you get the representation you deserve.  Hey, you’re paying a ton of money each month for Company Benefits, you should expect the best.

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