Health Insurance rates skyrocket for middle employers, San Jose, San Francisco, Bay Area, CA

Did your head explode when you saw your renewal for 2016?

If you are an employer with over 50 employees you will, or probably just got, a huge increase in your premium for the renewal this year.  Your rating method just changed as part of ObamaCare and I’m sure you took a big hit.  We’ve had groups with 50-70% increases for just this year.  Well…there is a way to battle that….maybe.  More importantly, how are you doing with all of the compliance mandates starting this year?  Between the ERISA documents you MUST have on file now, WRAP documents, SBC paperwork and more, its almost a full time job just getting compliant.  Oh yeah, the waiting period for many groups have changed too and they may or may not have informed you.   Hey, if you have a broker on top of it, keep them, there are not many around that know what they are doing.

Having a broker that is dialed in to the ACA mandates is critical to your business

Like I said…if your broker has you set straight with your WRAP document and SBCs, you’re in good shape.  If you are reading this and thinking what the hell is a WRAP….there’s a problem.  Call us, we are open to talking about it with NO expectation of doing business.  I’ve only been in the dysfunctional insurance industry for about 12 years now.  After 25 years of Police Work…I’d had enough.  I will say that there are a ton of clowns that do insurance.  They are either lazy, dumb or don’t know what they are doing.  Don’t get me wrong…there are really good people in this industry, but too many of us should be doing something else, not meddling with something this important.

Brokers come in all shapes and sizes and capabilities

I’ve said this a million times..if your broker has you compliant with the DOL and IRS, is showing you a strategy for your maximum savings, and meets with you periodically to keep you updated, keep them, we have nothing to talk about.  If not, maybe we should have a conversation.  Our services are free, so why not have an expert working with you.  At Brauer Insurance we ONLY do Employee Benefits and Health Insurance for businesses. When we started, I tried to do various lines of insurance.  I quickly realized that I would never become an expert at anything if I didn’t specialize, so here we are.

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