Huge increases for Kaiser Group Health Insurance, Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco, CA

If you are one of the unlucky employers that are looking at a huge increase in your Kaiser Group Health Insurance for this year, or even Anthem Blue Cross Group Health Insurance, CalChoice Group Health Insurance or any of the other ones, you are not alone.  The rating system has changed for employers with between 50-99 employees and how they are charged.  Kaiser Group Health Insurance for these groups used to be a composite rating, meaning there was one price for a single employee regardless of age.  Now everything is age rated, so a 20 something is cheap and a 50+ is super expensive.  So what do you do now?  That depends on how strategic you want to be.

Group Health Insurance strategies for Kaiser, Anthem, HealthNet, CalChoice, Aetna, Blue Shield groups

To be strategic in the Group Health Insurance marketplace you have to be willing to be a little flexible and think outside the box.  There are Self Funded plans, Partially Self funded plans and even strategies you can put together for you and your employees with a normal Kaiser Group Health Plan.  Education for these, for the employees, is the key.  If you are used to a very robust and/or expensive, all inclusive plan, moving to something else may be a problem.  It sometimes feels like a take away by the employees.  Not exactly what you’re looking for, I get it.

When you are strategic with Anthem, Kaiser, Blue Shield Group Health Insurance plans, you must be careful

The last thing you want to do with your Group Health Plan is for your employees to feel like you’re taking something away from them, or they’re being cheated.  That’s why the education portion of doing all of this is very important.  The employees MAY have to spend a little more than they’re used to.  That happens all the time, but educating them about the changes is crucial.  At Brauer Insurance, we are a very hands on agency.  We personally come out to our groups and explain the plans, changes and how it can benefit employees.  It seems simple, but you’d be surprised at how many brokers only email their renewals over once a year and make no effort to speak about Kaiser Group Health Insurance plans with employers

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